Swarang Series - Indian Folk

SWARANG is an amalgamation of two words as SWAR (Musical Note) + RANG (Color). It focuses on Folk/Regional Music value that stands beyond the periphery of classical instruments or music. Festivities, Celebration, Regional compositions and diversification are part of it, which are important treasure to the human life.

Swarang is a cause to showcase varied Indian Music colors. Binding various regions of India by their regional and folk tunes with Indian Music Instruments – Flute, Violin, Sitar, Tabla, Tenor, Rabab, Vocal, Hawaiian guitar, Sarod etc. It enriches the listener’s with unique shades of Indian music culture and spirituality, serving them with an experience of purity and relaxation.

It represents as a memoir of spiritual and cultural heritage of India. The Garba of Gujarat, Lavani of Maharashtra, the Gidda of Punjab, songs of Kashmir, Himachal, Assam etc. Folk music compositions, its structure and heritage hold different philosophy, values and communicate a different meaning, objective and existence to life other than pure classical music.

It is an objective to salute this rich independent heritage. To also connect us to those numerous instruments that are not part of classical domains as Mouth-organ, Mandolin, Spanish Guitars, Ektara, Dholak etc.