KAYOTSARG is an amalgamation of two words as KAYA (body) + UTSARG (to rise) i.e. uprising consciousness and growing health. Kayotsarg series focuses on music therapy. 

The music in the album is exclusively researched targeting towards increased productivity, stress reduction, reduced anxiety levels and spreading a favorable friendly environment that will soothe the nerves and create a positive energy around. 

Various researches have been made on therapeutic effect of Ragas on certain diseases and disorders particularly insomnia, anger, mental instability, asthma, chronic cold, cough, tuberculosis, sinus and chest related problems, impurities of blood and relative diseases, Mental disorders and Impatience, mental concentration, Liver Ailments etc. The various ragas which cure above disorders are said to be puriya, bhairavi, malhar, asavari, saurat & jaijaivanti, hindola etc.

Music Therapy
A group of London based physicians has scientifically experimented on different aspects of music therapy. In their views, the Shastric ragas could induce healing of all kinds of ailments. They argue that the immediate benefits these ragas offer is mental peace by alleviating tensions and providing an enchanting and creative diversion to the mind.

This is how classical music generates new hope, joy and enthusiasm in the otherwise dull or depressed mind and removes the disorders and relieves one of the untoward pressures and excitements of inferiority, despair, fear, anger, etc. Because of its fast remedial effects, which lead to eventual cure of the psychosomatic disorders, music therapy based on classical ragas is being used or advised these days for the treatment of migraine, insomnia, hypertension, chronic headache, anxiety, etc.