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Artist Empanelment

artist empanelment

Artist Empanelment with Guitarmonk Records involves following steps –

(Here artists refer to performing artists specialized and proficient in their respective subject/s to be considered for reference list. Artist’s profile includes resume and other relative details useful for consideration and assessment by the board.)

  1. Submission of artist’s profile for consideration by the Board. The artist empaneled from the reference list may be considered and called for audition and interviews based on the discretion of board.
  2. Based on the selection and audition of artists, the artists may be sponsored for their recordings and other opportunities including albums and/or radio promotions and/or events.
  3. An Artist can apply in following forms of music  –
    • Classical Music (Carnatic, Hindustani, Western) both Vocal and Instrumental
    • Folk Music (from different states/countries North, East, West  and South & Other countries)
    • Specialized Traditional Music forms & Gharana styles – inclusive of Thumri, Ghazal, Sufi etc.
    • Meditational and Therapeutic Music
    • Mythological Music
    • Devotional Music
    • Light and Pop Music
    • Others

Guitarmonk Records artist members includes professionals, eminent gurus, practitioners of different subjects, experts and scholars. Coordinates, communicates and arrange meetings with these scholars for the artist’s selection process time to time or based on requirement. The decision of board is final and applicants are informed accordingly.

Empanelment is a regular process and one can apply by filling the form in this page.

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For more details, contact gmrecords@guitarmonk.com