Swaras Volume 1


Key Artists:

  • Sarod:  Swapnamoy Banerjee
  • Violin: Aleem Khan
  • Hawaiian Guitar: Neelranjan Mukherjee
  • Vocal: Padma Shree Sumitra Guha
  • Tabla: Sovan Hazra, Hafez Ahmed, Aniruddha Mukherjee

Genre: Classical, Definitive Arts, Instrumental

Produced by: Guitarmonk Records

Price: Rs. 129

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swaras volume 1 album series

Swaras Volume 1

Swaras volume 1 is a specialty Indian classical ragas album series.

In an effort to preserve the music creations and emotions of ragas merged with artists’ style, voice and instruments, Guitarmonk Records came up with the Swaras Album Series concept. Swaras Volume 1 of the series is presented with the use of various Hindustani music instruments like sarod, violin, slide guitar, vocal and tabla. It is also one way of bringing closer to the masses the once too sophisticated classical music. It’s for the common folks time to enjoy and appreciate its aesthetic values and variations.

Swaras, coined from the words, ‘swar’ (musical note) and ‘rasa’ (emotion) is a music album series. It has been conceptualized to preserve and disseminate the definite art of music, with ‘ragas’ in particular. Indian Classical Music has developed continuously from the ancient chanting style down to the principles of dance, music and drama.

The volume 1 is produced by various artists who are veteran and awarded in their respective music fields as Padma Shree Sumitra Guha on classical vocals, Neelranjan Mukherjee for Hawaiian guitar (Lap Steel Guitar)and many other popular artists.


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