Suroor Volume 1


Key Artists

  • Vocals & Compositions: Samina Dey
  • Sarangi: Asif Ali Khan
  • Tabla: Shamshir Ali
  • Harmonium: Salamat Khan
  • Guitar: Kapil Srivastava

Genre: Ghazal & Thumri

Produced by: Guitarmonk Records

Price: Rs. 179

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suroor volume 1 album

Suroor Volume 1

Suroor volume 1 depicts a very traditional and astounding flavor of Ghazal & Thumri style.

The beautiful voice and tonality of ‘Samina Dey’ has given a romantic appeal to the songs of this album displaying the feelings of deep passion and love”.

Suroor volume 1 is a part of Suroor – Ghazal and Sufi Series which is intended for Ghazal, Sufi, Thumri and Traditional music styles.


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