Sky Tunes


Key Artists:

  • Hawaiian Guitar: Neel Ranjan Mukherjee
  • Percussion: Sovan Hazra
  • Keyboard: Manish Babu
  • Shehnai: Ashwani Shankar

Produced by: Guitarmonk Records

Genre: Fusion

Price: Rs. 149

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Sky TunesSky Tunes album showcases fusion style which includes music on varied themes including marriages, celebrations, journey, folk representation etc. Sky Tunes album is based on Hawaiian Guitar also called as Lap Steel Guitar, which includes key artist as Mr Neel Ranjan Mukherjee.

Fusion music can cross all boundaries of territorial, genre difference to support human creativity. Sky Tunes album unlocks the artistic creativity and bridge the distance between past and present, history and mystery and future. One of the best elements of fusion music is that it’s never monotonous and gives new dimension to one’s imagination.

The album comprises of instruments as Hawaaiin guitar, shehnai, Tabla, Keyboard etc.


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