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Rayjam: Nabil Khemir

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Rayjam - Nabil- KhemirRayjam Music

Guitarmonk Records welcomes his new great artist Nabil Khemir from Tunisia. He is one of the best players of his country and plays a unique instrument Ray Jam. Nabil Khemir signs with Guitarmonk Records (Broadway World) to promote his music in India.

Khemir holds one of the unique music instruments known as ‘Rayjam’ which combines a rich scope of musical expression.  His preference is North-African-Egyptian Music. He joined guitarmonk family to promote and record his music (RadioandMusic.com, Mumbai News) and expand his musical horizons in Indian territory.

Guitarmonk Records is one of India’s leading music record label that preserves, promotes artistic works, primarily focused on definite arts and genres as classical, folk, regional and acoustic tones and sounds. He is welcomed by guitarmonk due to his uniqueness of instrument and strong play-ability skills.

This multi talented Tunisian-born musician (Spy Ghana) received great appreciation across in many newspapers and media globally.

You can also enjoy Rayjam music by buying his album.


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