Music for Health


Key Artists

Flute: Pt. Sunder Lal Gandharva & Pt. Mahavir Prasad

Sitar: Ustad Mohsin Ali Khan

Tabla accompaniment: Vikram Gandharva, Pt. Subash Nirwan

Other esteemed artists

Price: Rs. 399

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World Health Day is an opportunity to contribute on the cause of well being and health. Guitarmonk Records launches ‘Kayotsarg’ album vol. 3, an effort for music for health, is a therapeutic album comprising of selected ragas.

Music for health actually is a one week daily musical dose for everyone. The album consists of various instruments as Flute, Sitar, Santoor, Guitar etc.

This is an anti-stress/healing/therapeutic music for everyone divided into 7 days as a 7 days playlist. The album CD has 7 days mentioned as Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 and so on up to Day 7. It is also recommended for ambiance playing at home or office (know more about how to avail music license for office).

Its therapeutic value helps in transferring the negative energies through positive sounds and vibes.  Playing of album will help in eradication of negative vibes, anxiety and stress.


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