Music as Metaphor


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Michelle Qureshi

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Music as Metaphor

Pleasure to share with about another amazing discovery in the form of Michelle Qureshi of Indiana, a multi-instrumentalist composer and classically-trained guitarist, whose music ranges from different genres and unique styles.

Music As Metaphor is an exceptional platform of imagination and proclamation of the musical sensation where Michelle Qureshi‘s enigmatic artistry is passionately showcased. We definitely believes in Ms. Qureshi’s artistic accomplishment and admires her ability to merge the harmony of the acoustic guitar with the modern digital beats in flavourMusic-as-metaphor-michelle-qureshiful vibrations, creating exquisite aesthetic yet reflective ambiance.

Each musical piece is infused with an emotive appeal, from ethereal to intense composite melodies with a daring innovativeness to create an artistic identity that embraces the explorative nature of a prodigious talent that she is.

Michelle Qureshi performs her music in different venues such as music festivals, yoga studios and art galleries. With both US and Western Music license, her works are also featured in films, radio broadcasting, apps and other media and being distributed worldwide.


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