Ambiance Music License

Music can benefit your business. 
Most of the businesses say playing therapeutic music in the workplace increases morale and productivity.


ambiance music license

Ambiance Music License

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Ambient music has now become a value addition for both clients and employees in today’s work environment as each clients that visits your showroom / shop / clinic / premise / office / event etc. The therapeutic music creates a brand perception to your footfalls / staff everyday.

Moreover it also focuses

  • a) To heal via Raga Music Therapy (researched music for stress busting). 
  • b) Boosting sales by soothing staff’s and clients nerves, creating a smiling, anxiety-free environment. 
  • c) Positive and ancient Vedic ragas vibrations that also destroys negative frequencies around.

Why I need it ?

If you play recorded music in public, you will certainly be legally required to have a music license. Just like any other input into your business, the use of  musical compositions must be paid for. When you use copyright music in your business you must first obtain permission from the copyright owners / authority to do so and you do this by taking out a license from and paying the appropriate licence fees.

Therefore, we make it easy for businesses to tap into the power of music with its simple cost-effective license. We can provide you with an ambiance music license that covers particular usage of copyright music that takes place in your business premises, whether it be played by means of a CD / digital player, Computer etc. By obtaining ambience / background or other requirement based music licence, your business will be legally compliant to use Guitarmonk Records’s repertoire and all for just one payment per year. This frees you up to use music to drive your business objectives in a fully legal manner!

Who can apply for the Ambiance Music license?

Doctors, dentists, hospitals, restaurants, cafes, schools, colleges, shops (including charity shops), small workplaces. Furthermore, hotels, B&Bs, guest houses, office buildings, factories, concerts, exhibitions event venues, amateur sports clubs. Devotional places, cinema, theaters, community buildings, dance studios, instructors. Moreover, exercise instructors, fitness centers, gyms, local authority buildings, pubs, bars, nightclubs. Also Social, member clubs, vehicles, transport and much more. You can also ask if you are not sure of what type of licence you need, at

Additional Flavor to it

While playing our Music we can also give a Professional Voice Over Value of Naming your Brand before every playlist as


Confused? Take Help !

We can also appoint a professional / expert radio manager to consult you about different types of music and its utility based on your business / industry.

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How to avail it ?

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