SWARAS – Raga Moods

swaras album series web image

Swaras is a music album series concept incorporated with a vision of preservation of definitive arts music especially ‘Raga’.

Indian Classical Ragas belong to ancient treasure of vedic philosophy. Its been said that Indian classical music and its compositions are found to have a deep positive effect on mind-body system and also have the potential to awaken the otherwise dormant faculties.

Indian Classical Music is a treasure to the world not just in the form of information or knowledge but also in form of connecting oneself with therapeutic benefits of ragas to mind-body, society as a whole.

SWARAS is an amalgamation of two words as SWAR (musical note) + RASA (emotion). Every Indian raga has an associated Ras with it means an emotion. Swaras Album series concept is to preserve these neat emotions of Ragas merged with style of artist, their instrument or voice.

India is a territory of talent, the ones who spend generations and thousands of years to carry on a particular value of art and pass it to next generation via ‘guru-shishya’ method. It’s also a fact that only a handful part of lucky ones gets the chance to present their music forward and substantial part of this community stays isolated and dies with their talents inside them and sometimes starves too.

Swaras album concept is a pure effort to bring classical music to the masses, record and preserve the aesthetical values and variations. Get these talents heard to the masses, connect them to platforms and promotions and also generate royalty for them.