Guitarmonk Records is one of India’s finest & leading music record label established in the year 2006. It focuses on producing and preserving music on definitive arts as Therapeutic Music, Culture Music, Poetry, Raga, Regional Music and dimensions of Rich Indian Music Heritage and also Re-connecting the healing values of Indian Music to the modern society. Also Honored by Health Ministry for releasing Music Therapy Album series – Kayotsarg for the medical & corporate fraternity.

Also constructed 9 Umbrella Concepts on specific causes aslegendary-awarded-artists-musicians

  • Swarang – Folk Music
  • Swaras – Ragas
  • Kayotsarg – Therapy
  • Madhuvarsha – Indian Vocals
  • Suroor – Poetry
  • Venudhwani – Indian Bamboo
  • Percussions – Indian Drums
  • Indian Guitaroo – Guitars
  • Tunes of Sky – Fusion
Produced 40th International & Last Record of Padam Bhushan & Sarangi Legend USTAD SULTAN KHAN

We are an exclusive manufacturer of Ambiance, Therapeutic Music Radio and offer it as license to premium facilities be it schools /institutions, corporate, hospitality / hotels, retail outlets and at various other places. This specialized music is also about creating attraction, aesthetic and luxurious outlook besides offering relaxation and anti-stress environment and a Scientific way to Exposure with Music Therapy and its’ Benefits.

With Grammy Winner Pt. VM Bhatt for Historic Guitar – Veena Duet

Productions with Celebrities Artists Across India – Awarded artists & members also include: Late Ustad Sultan Khan (Padma Bhushan & worldly renowned Sarangi Legend), Padma Shree Sumitra Guha (Vocals Legend), Padma Bhushan Pandit Debu Chaudhuri (Sitar Legend), Pandit Jwala Prasad, Ustad Akram Khan, Pandit Subash Nirwan (Percussion Legend), Pandit Mahavir Prasad, Pandit Lal Gandharva (Flute Legend) and more.

International Artists – World Music repertoire also officially launched Artists / Celebrities from Ukraine, US, Serbia, Tunisia, Germany, Italy, UK, London etc. in India. Some of our artists as Nadja Kossinskaja, Nabil Khemir, Brad Hammonds, Michelle Qureshi, Jazzy Boy, William Poni

Our Music Repertoire comprises of both National and International genres be it Thumri, Fusion, Pop, Rap, Western, Indian Classical, Vocals, Devotionals, Instrumentals etc.

You can also buy music for yourelf or you can also take radio license for your premises. You can know more about guitarmonk records by emailing at info@guitarmonk.com